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About Manylink

Manylink founder
If you have a computer, you are managing links
     - many links.

Working on another project, I wanted to send 20 website urls to our web designer for inspiration, however 20 urls is quite a lot of urls to pack into an email or a chat window and after a disappointing google for a solution I found myself starting to program a small utility that allowed me to pack all the 20 urls into a single url - had started.

Unable to stop programming one day followed the next and I started to think that maybe other people could also benefit - so while the Manylink idea started out as a tool to open many links using just one link, the idea have over different iterations changed into a stil more capable cooperative link management tool.

Manylink is for you if you want to :

Thenever you need to manage links, try Manylink - Manylink can handle a LOT of links.

Rasmus Rummel.